Kerry Sports Hall Games 2014

This was only the second time Kenmare AC had participated in the Kerry Indoor Sports Hall Games. This event is open to any athlete who didn’t win an A medal at the County Championships in the previous year and is great fun.

U9 Boys LJ: Cillian Daly, joint silver; Fiachra Wall, bronze

U11 Girls Speedbounce: Clionadh Daly, silver
U11 Girls Long Jump: Clionadh Daly, silver

U12 Girls Shot: Abby Littlejohn, silver
U12 Girls Speedbounce: Ailsing Rochford, bronze
U12 Boys speedbounce: Caleb Brosnan, silver
U12 Boys Long Jump: Caleb Brosnan, joint bronze
U12 Girls relay Silver: Neassa Wall, Aisling Rochford, Clionadh Daly, Abby Littlejohn



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