Kerry Primary Schools 2012

We had a great day out at the Kerry primary school sports in Castleisland on 26th May. This is where it all began in 2009 when Conor and Tessa took a few 2nd class girls over to see what was what before we started the club later that year. Elinor Dennison won a bronze medal in the 100m that day and it should be noted that she as won the same medal in the same race every year since! Competition at this event is always very high but we are getting better and came back with 8 individual medals and 2 relay medals this year. Well done to all.

Photo 4-4

Cian O’Sullivan  Gold 4th class 200m
Cara Daly Gold 5th class 600m
Kaitlyn Moriarty Silver 5th class 600m
Jamie Harrington Silver 5th class 100m
Ben O’Shea Silver 6th class shot
Elinor Dennison Bronze 5th class 100m
Clionadh Daly  Bronze 3rd class ball throw
Eve Roberts White Bronze 2nd class 100m
4th class boys relay silver; Jay Steadman, David Ciu Ciu, Boki Nikic, Cian O’Sullivan,
2nd class girls relay bronze; Ciara O’Sullivan, Eve Roberts White, Amy Harrington, Clionadh Daly


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