Inter Schools Cross Country 2012

Friday 28th September 2012

Once again this event was hosted by Kenmare Athletic Club and was open to school children throughout the greater Kenmare area. Children competed in their class, against classes from other schools – and competition was fierce. See our photo gallery for pics of runners and winners on the day. Many thanks to all the parents and family who came out to support us on the day and all the marshals. Big thanks to the Pobalscoil for stepping in at the last minute and providing us with a venue! The boys and girls of St John’s were competing as one for the first time, truly a great event.

Participating schools were: St John’s, Sneem/Tahilla, Realt na Mara, Bonane, Cahir and Kilgarvan.

School points:
1. Realt na Mara
2. St John’s
3. Cahir
4. Sneem/Tahilla
5. Kilgarvan
6. Bonane

6th Class Boys

  1. Jamie Harrington Realt na Mara
  2. Brian Twomey Realt na Mara
  3. Jack Maye Realt na Mara
  4. Tadgh Siochru Realt na Mara

Team Trophy: Realt na Mara

6th Class Girls

  1. Elinor Dennison St John’s
  2. Cara Daly St John’s
  3. Kaitlyn Moriarty St John’s
  4. Katie McCarthy Cahir
  5. Kelly Cassidy Cahir

Team Trophy: St John’s

5th Class Boys

  1. Conor O’Brien Sneem
  2. Tim Murphy Sneem
  3. Cian O’Sullivan St John’s
  4. Tommy Cronin Realt na Mara
  5. Tom Fitzsimons Cahir

Team Trophy: Sneem

5th Class Girls

  1. Alyce O’Connor St John’s
  2. Lauren Tanner Bonane
  3. Rhona Randles Cahir
  4. Emer O’Sullivan St John’s
  5. Katie Palmer St John’s
  6. Grace Sayers Realt na Mara
  7. Caoimhe Daly St John’s
  8. Emma O’Sullivan Realt na Mara
  9. Julie O’Sullivan Realt na Mara
  10. Ally Murnane Cahir
  11. Ellen Torpey Realt na Mara
  12. India Grant Realt na Mara
  13. Joanne McCarthy Cahir

Team Trophy: St John’s

4th Class Boys

  1. Kieran O’Sullivan Sneem
  2. Kieran Harrington Realt na Mara
  3. Mark Torpey Realt na Mara
  4. Jay Steadman St John’s
  5. Eugene O’Sullivan Kilgarvan
  6. Daniel Crowley St John’s
  7. Thomas Creedon Kilgarvan
  8. Kai Calloway Cahir
  9. Cian Hanley St John’s
  10. Thomas Maye Realt na Mara
  11. Darragh Breen Realt na Mara
  12. Tom Kelly Realt na Mara
  13. Michael O’Reilly Cahir
  14. Conor Casey St John’s
  15. Jake Casey Kilgarvan

Team Trophy: Realt na Mara

4th Class Girls

  1. Kate Murphy St John’s
  2. Lillian O’Shea Sneem
  3. Amber Stauch St John’s
  4. Sonia Ciu Ciu St John’s
  5. Louise Foley St John’s
  6. Taylor Whyte St John’s
  7. Muireann de Faoite St John’s
  8. Ciara Price St John’s
  9. Aibhinn Whelton St John’s
  10. Amber Keating Foley Cahir
  11. Aoife O’Reilly Cahir

Team Trophy: St John’s

3rd Class Boys

  1. Corey Murphy Kilgarvan
  2. Dan Twomey Kilgarvan
  3. Liam Palmer St John’s
  4. Darragh Murphy Realt na Mara
  5. Tommy O’Sullivan St John’s
  6. Tom Quinlan St John’s
  7. Jamie O’Regan St John’s
  8. Caleb Brosan Realt na Mara
  9. Kevin O’Shea St John’s
  10. Mark Casey St John’s
  11. Eoin O’Shea Kilgarvan
  12. Asher Grant Realt na Mara

Team Trophy: Kilgarvan

3rd Class Girls

  1. Amy Harrington St John’s
  2. Aisling Rochford Realt na Mara
  3. Siobhan Murphy Sneem
  4. Leah O’Sullivan Realt na Mara
  5. Caoimhe O’Sullivan Realt na Mara

Team trophy: Realt na Mara

2nd Class Boys

  1. Adem Gul Tahilla
  2. Liam Foley Cahir
  3. Aidan Crowley St John’s
  4. Michael O’Connor Tahilla
  5. Yago Cornide St John’s
  6. Darren Alman St John’s
  7. Dylan Wallace St John’s
  8. Jack Downing St John’s
  9. Darragh Casey St John’s
  10. Luke Scanlon Kilgarvan

Team Trophy: St John’s

2nd Class Girls

  1. Gemma O’Brien Sneem
  2. Grace Roberts White St John’s
  3. Eva de Faoite St John’s
  4. Narie Sweeney Cahir
  5. Sarah O’Donoghue Kilgarvan
  6. Chloe O’Leary Kilgarvan
  7. Jodie O’Shea Cahir
  8. Lucy Daly Cahir
  9. Chloe Cremin Realt na Mara
  10. Isabel Ryan Realt na Mara

Team Trophy: Cahir

1st Class Boys

  1. Conall Wilson Realt na Mara
  2. Eoin McCarthy Realt na Mara
  3. Cathal Murphy Realt na Mara
  4. Kai Verdekal Cahir
  5. Sean Treyvaud Realt na Mara
  6. Zak O’Shea Cahir
  7. Ronan O’Connor Tahilla
  8. Fiachra Breen Realt na Mara
  9. Conor Hennessey Realt na Mara
  10. Ciaran Crowley St John’s
  11. Denis Twomey Kilgarvan
  12. Darragh Hanley St John’s
  13. John O’Sullivan St John’s

Team Trophy: Realt na Mara

1st Class Girls

  1. Clodagh Rochford Realt na Mara
  2. Abbie Dunlop Realt na Mara
  3. Ellie Downing St John’s
  4. Nessa Wall Realt na Mara
  5. Grace O’Brien Realt na Mara
  6. Rachel O’Sullivan St John’s
  7. Daisy Norman St John’s

Team Trophy: Realt na Mara

Senior Infant Boys

  1. Barry Fitzsimons Cahir
  2. Killian Daly St John’s
  3. Fionn Wharton Cahir
  4. Thomas ? Cahir
  5. Shane ? St John’s
  6. Colin Hussey

Team Trophy: Cahir

Senior Infant Girls

  1. Susan Torpey Realt na Mara
  2. Kay Whelton Cahir
  3. Sinead O’Reilly Cahir
  4. Mia Downing St John’s
  5. Melissa ? St John’s
  6. Aoife ? St John’s
  7. Anna Cornide St John’s

Team Trophy: St John’s

Junior Infant Boys

  1. Darragh Murphy Sneem
  2. Donnacha O’Sullivan Realt na Mara
  3. David O’Brien Realt na Mara
  4. Charlie Guess St John’s
  5. Luca Norman St John’s
  6. Tiernan Hayes Cahir
  7. Oisin Hanley St John’s

Team Trophy: St John’s

Junior Infant Girls

  1. Niamh Wilson Realt na Mara
  2. Niamh Twomey Kilgarvan
  3. Lucy ? St John’s
  4. Chelsea ? Kilgarvan
  5. Maria Murnane Cahir
  6. Yvonne Daly Cahir
  7. Cally ? St John’s
  8. Maggie O’Donoghue Cahir
  9. Heather Randles Cahir

10. Gabriella Murnane Cahir
Team Trophy: Cahir