Kerry Cross Country Championships 2012

Even Age Kerry Cross Country Championships October 7th in the Killarney Demesne 

Kenmare had a great turn out for the first event in defense of the Juvenile Cross Country Championship title.

The U10 Girls 1000m won third team prize – Eve-Roberts-White, Amy Harrington, Gemma O’Brien, Siobhan Murphy, Ava de Faoite, Ciara O’Sullivan and Lucy Daly. Eve-Roberts-White led the team home finishing fourth over-all.

In the U10 Boys 1000m race, Mark Torpey was third and led his team home to win first team-prize with Liam Palmer, Darragh Murphy, Corey Murphy and Caleb Brosnan.

In the U12 Girls 2000m race, Kate Murphy won the race a year out of age, Katelyn Moriarty was fourth, Rhona Randles fifth and Lauren Tanner was sixth all winning individual medals and the first team prize. Alice O’Connor, Cara Daly, Elinor Dennison, Katie Palmer, Caoimhe Daly, Louise Foley, and Muirean de Faoite won second team prize.

In the U12 Boys 2000m race, Conor O’Brien won the race, Ciaran O’Sullivan was fourth, and they won first team-prize with Michael O’Sullivan, Timmy O’Sullivan, Cian O’Sullivan and Kieran Harrington.

In the U14 Boys 3000m race, Cormac O’Sullivan was sixth, David Murphy was seventh and Eamon Harrington completed the team. They were short one person to make up a team so just missed out on first team prize.

In the U16 Girls 4000m race, Laura Hallissey won the race, Mikaela Mulcahy was third, Stephanie Burns was fourth and Aicha van Daele was fifth and won the first team prize.

Uneven Age Kerry Cross Country Championships October 14th at Lovett’s Farm, Kenmare 

It was great to see the sun shining in Kenmare. This was the second time the club had hosted this event and it was a great success. Many thanks to everyone who prepared the course, marshalled the event and helped clear up afterwards. Big thank you especially to the Lovett family for the use of their land.

In the U9 Girls 750m, Cliodhna Daly was third, Gemma O’Brien fifth,both winnning individual medals and their team won second team prize- Cliodhna, Gemma, Amy Harrington, Niamh O’Sullivan, Ava de Faoite and Lucy Daly.

In the U9 Boys 750m, Adam Gull was fifth, Jamie O’Regan sixth both winning individual medals and their team won second team prize- Adam, Jamie, Aidan Crowley, Tommy O’Sullivan, Kai Verdikal, Yago Cornide, Dylan Wallace and Donncha Whelton.

In the U11 Girls 1500m, Kate Murphy won the race, Kate also won the U12 Girls 2000m last Sunday in Killarney – a great achievement to win both races. Her team won third team prize- Kate, Eve-Roberts-Whyte, Caoimhe Daly, Louise Foley, Taylor Whyte, Laurie Adams, Aveen Whelton, Mary Ellen McCarthy, Aishling Rochford, Ciara O’Sullivan, and Muireann de Faoite.

In the U11 Boys 1500m race, Ciaran O’Sullivan was second winning a silver medal and his team won first team prize – Ciaran, Mark Torpey, Liam Palmer, Daniel Crowley, Darragh Murphy, Corey Murphy, Kieran Harrington, Thomas Maye and Caleb Brosnan.

In the U13 Girl’s 2500m, Katelyn Moriarty was third winning the bronze medal and her team won first team prize – Katelyn, Lauren Tanner was fourth winning an individual medal also, Katie Palmer was seventh and Cara Daly  was eighth.

In the U13 Boys 2500m, Conor O’Brien was fourth, Cormac O’Sullivan was sixth both winning individual medals and their team won first team prize also – Conor, Cormac, Jack Maye was seventh, Michael O’Sullivan and Cathal Whelton

In the U15 Girl’s 3500m, Mikaela Mulcahy was fifth winning an individual medal, and her team won second team prize – Mikaela, Helena O’Sullivan, Stephanie Burns and Aicha van Daele.

In the U17 Girl’s 4000m, Laura Hallissey won the race. Laura also won the U16 Girl’s 4000m last Sunday in Killarney – the second double win for the Club.

Kerry County Cross-Country Relay Results – Killarney, Sunday November 5th

All the Kenmare AC Relay teams won medals and Kenmare AC won best Over-all Club.

U9 Girls Team – 2nd team- Amy Harrington, Cliodna Daly, Niamh O’Sullivan and Gemma O’Brien

U9 Boys Team- 2nd team- Jamie O’Regan, Kai Verdekal, Tommy O’Sullivan and Aidan Crowley

U11 Girls Team- 3rd team- Kate Murphy, Caoimhe Daly, Lily O’Shea and Louise Foley

U11 Boys team – 3rd team – Ciaran O’Sullivan, Mark Torpey, Liam Palmer, Darragh Murphy, and Kieran Harrington

U13 Girls team- 2nd team- Elinor Dennison, Cara Daly, Katelyn Moriarty, and Lauren Tanner

U13 Boys team- 2nd team- Cian O’Sullivan, Jamie Harrington, Cormac O’Sullivan and Tim Murphy

U15 Girls team- 3rd team- Stephanie Burns, Helena O’Sullivan and Mikaela Mulcahy

Munster Even Age Championships

Well done to all our athletes who travelled to Beaufort on Sunday October 21st to compete in the Munster Cross-Country Even ages. In the U10 Boys 1000m, Jay Steadman finished eleventh winning an individual medal. Kate Murphy finished sixth running out of age in the U12 Girls 2000m winning an individual medal. Laura Hallissey finished 12th in the Girls U16 4000m winning an individual medal and also leading the Kerry county team to win third team prize along with Mikaela Mulcahy who was also a member of the Kerry county team who won third team prize. The first twelve athletes in each race qualify for the All-Ireland Finals which will take place in Rathnoath, Co Meath on November 25th. Well done to our two individual medal-winners Kate and Laura who go forward to represent Munster in the All-Ireland Finals and to Mikaela who will represent the Kerry County team. Well done also to Conor O’Brien in the U12 Boys 2000m who narrowly missed out on a medal. Conor finished fourteenth overall.