County Championships 2016

Here is a brief round up of the results from the county championships on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May and what a great weekend it was for Kenmare AC. We might not have won the overall title but we increased our point tally from 120 last year to 140 this year, a massive step up from the 9 we won in our first competitive year in 2010. At the final count we were in 3rd place just two points behind Tralee Harriers. Well done to everyone who took part, even though the weather was not great, and did their club proud.
Altogether we won 21 individual gold medals, 8 silver and 21 bronze. In the relays we won 2 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze. Elinor Dennison, in her last year as a county juvenile (she’ll be joining Christine McCarthy as a Junior next year) won 4 individual gold medals, defending her 100m, long jump and javelin titles and adding the shot for good measure. Gary Randles proved just what a great thrower he’s becoming by retaining his shot and javelin titles and winning the U16 boys hammer by a huge margin. This is a new event for Gary but he’s really taken to it. He also picked up silver in the discus.
In the 800m, Rhona Randles and Alyce O’Connor continued to dominate, Rhona winning the U15s and Alyce the U16s. Alyce also picked up gold in the 80mH and was on the U16 girls gold medal winning relay team along with Elinor, Rhona and Emma O’Regan. It was nice to see medals coming to some of our new members. Emma O’Regan picked up silver in the U16 girls hurdles and Ozdeniz Kayon won the U14 boys discus. In the walks the O’Reilly twins Aoife and Michael both picked up U14 titles and Katie Palmer won the grueling U16 walk. There were also gold medals for Charlie Guest in U10 500m, Grace Roberts White in U12 600m and U13 60mH, Tania McCormack in U13 shot, Abby Littlejohn in U14 discus, Caoimhe Daly in U15 75mH. Representing the club all on her own in the Junior girls age group but not disappointing was Christine McCarthy who won the county high jump title for the fourth year running and was third in the long jump. Next year she will have plenty of company as some of our older athletes make the jump up from juvenile competition and we’ll be setting our sights on the overall junior title too.
Here is a full list of all our medal winners and full results with times and distances are available on Let Tessa know if there are any errors or omissions.
Charlie Guest, 500m U10 Boys
Grace Roberts White, 600m U12 Girls and 60mH U13 Girls
Tania McCormack, Shot U13 Girls
Aoife O’Reilly, Walk U14 Girls
Abby Littlejohn, Discus U14 Girls
Michael O’Reilly, Walk U14 Boys
Ozdeniz Koyun, Discus U14 Boys
Rhona Randles, 800m U15 Girls
Caoimhe Daly, 75mH U15 Girls
Gary Randles, Shot, Javelin U15 Boys and Hammer U16 Boys
Elinor Dennison 100m, Long Jump, Shot, Javelin U16 Girls
Alyce O’Connor, 800m, 80mH U16 Girls
Katie Palmer, Walk U16 Girls
Christine McCarthy, High Jump Junior Women
Boys U10 4 x 100m relay
Girls U16 4 x 100m relay
Zack O’Shea 600m U11 Boys
Abby Dunlop, 60mH U13 Girls
Liam Palmer, Walk U14 Boys
Caoimhe Daly, 250mH U15 Girls and Walk U16 Girls
Gary Randles, Discus U16 Boys
Katie Palmer, Discus U16 Girls
Grace Sayers, 1500m U16 Girls
Girls U9 4 x 100m relay
Girls U12 4 x 100m relay
Girls U14 4 x 100m relay Team A
Alison Murphy, 300m U9 Girls
Zack O’Shea, Turbo Javelin U10 Boys
Mya Granville, 600m U11 Girls
Grace Roberts White, High Jump U12 Girls
Tania McCormack, Discus U14 Girls
Eve Roberts White, 75mH U14 Girls
Aoife O’Reilly, 800m U14
Michael O’Reilly, 75mH U14 Boys
Clionadh Daly, Walk U14 Girls
Liam Palmer, Walk, 60mH U14 Boys
Caoimhe Daly, 80mH U15 Girls
Abby Littlejohn, Shot, Javelin U15 Girls and High Jump U14 Girls
Cian Hanley, Shot U15 Boys
Katie Palmer, Long Jump U16 Girls
Alyce O’Connor, 100m, 250mH U16 Girls
Muireann de Faoite, Walk U16 Girls
Christine McCarthy, Long Jump, Junior Women
Girls U14 4 x 100m relay Team B
Boys U9 4 x 100m relay

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