County Uneven Age Championships 2014

Faungorths, Kenmare on Sunday October 12th. Many thanks to the O’Shea family for the use of Faungorths for training and for hosting the Uneven Ages County Championships.


U9 Girls: Laoise Carey 5th and the team won first team prize-Laoise Carey,  Mya Granville, Anu Hayes, Sinead Reilly, Aoibhean O’Connor and Ellie Downing

U9 Boys : Zac O’Shea 2nd, Cillian Daly 4th, Kieran O’Donoghue 6th and the team won first team prize-Zac O’Shea, Cillian Daly, Kieran O’Donoghue, Jack O’Sullivan, Thomas Reilly, Fiachra Wall, Ben Merrigan, Ronan Hickey, Barry Fitzsimons.

U11 Girls:  Alizee Pautrell 4th, Grace Roberts White 5th, Gemma O’Brien 6th and the team won third team prize-Alizee Pautrel, Grace Roberts White, Gemma O’Brien, Abby Dunlop, Lucy Daly, Neasa, Wall, Aoibhe da Faoite, Amy Harrington, Robyn Smyth, Clionadh Daly, Jodie O’Shea, Ella Hussey, Clodagh Rochford , Orcaua Pautrel.

U11 Boys : Third team prize- Timothy O’Donoghue, Tommy O’Sullivan, Cathal Murphy, Sean Treyvaud, Darren Allman, Yago Cornide, Darragh Hanley, Tommy Meagher.

U13 Girls : Rhona Randles 1st overall, and the team won second team prize-Rhona Randles, Coralie Pautrel, Eve Roberts White, Kate Murphy,  Caoimhe Daly, Alice Kallewaard, Aoife Reilly, Muireann da Faoite, Aisling Rochford,

U13 Boys : Gary Randles 1st overall and the team won first team prize- Gary Randles, Liam Palmer, Darragh Murphy, Michael Reilly, Caleb Brosnan, Tom Fitzsimons, Ko Kallewaard.

U15 Girls: Alyce O’Connor 1st, Katie Palmer 3rd, Cara Daly 4th and the team won first team prize.

U15 Boys : Cormac O’Sullivan 2nd, Liam Twomey 3rd, and Conor O’Brien 4th- and the team won first team prize.

U19 Girls : Laura Hallissey 2nd.


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