County Even Age Championships 2014

Kerry Even Ages Cross-country on Sunday October 5th in the Demesne, Killarney.

Results: U10 Girls- Grace Roberts White 3rd and  First Team Prize -Grace Roberts White , Abby Dunlop(6th),  Laoise Carey, Anu Hayes, Ellie Downing, Mika Fitzmaurice, Clodagh Rochford , Aoibhean da Faoite Sinead O’Reilly, Orcaua Pautrel;

U10 Boys- First Team Prize- Yago Cornide, Cathal Murphy,  Zack O’Shea, Cillian Daly, Sean Treyvaud, Kieran O’Donoghue, Thomas O’Reilly, Ben Merrigan, Jack O’Sullivan, Darragh Hanley, Darren Allman; U12 Girls Third Team Prize -Coralie Pautrel, Eve Roberts White, Gemma O’Brien, Alizee Pautrel,  Clionadh Daly, Eabha de Faoite , Robyn Smith, Aoife O’Reilly, Aisling Rochford, Lucy Daly, Jodie O’Shea

U12 Boys- First Team Prize- Liam Palmer(5th), Tom Quinlan, Darragh Murphy, Timothy O’Donoghue, Huidi Hayes, Connail Wilson, Michael O’Reilly, Caleb Brosnan;

U14 Girls- Rhona Randles 1st; Katie Palmer 2nd; Grace Sayers 3rd, Cara Daly 4th and First Team Prize – Rhona Randles, Katie Palmer, Grace Sayers, Cara Daly, Muireann deFaoite, Aoibhe Murphy, Caoimhe Daly;

U14 Boys- Gary Randles 2nd; Conor O’Brien 3rd and First Team Prize Gary Randles, Conor O’ Brien, Iarlaith Hayes(6th) and Tom Fitzsimons ;

U18 Girls Laura Hallissey 2nd and U18 Boys Ray O’Shea 5th.


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