Kenmare Athletes shine on Day 1

U10 girls
  • Grace Roberts White gold in 60m and gold in turbo javelin
  • Beth McCarthy silver in 60m, 4th in u11 long jump
  • Abby Dunlop silver in turbo javelin
U11 Girls
  • Bronze 4 x 100m relay: Beth McCarthy, Grace Roberts White, Neasa Wall and Amy Harrington.
U12 girls
  • Eve Roberts White bronze in high jump
U13 boys
  • Gary Randles gold in 80m, silver in shot, silver in u13 relay
  • Kieran Harrington bronze in 80m
  • Silver 4 x 100m relay team: Gary Randles, Caleb Brosnan, Kieran Harrington, Liam Palmer
U14 girls
  • Elinor Dennison bronze in 80m, gold in u15 javelin, and gold in u15 relay
  • Alyce O’Connor silver in 800m, gold in u15 relay
  • Katie Palmer gold in u15 relay, 4th in 800m
U14 boys
  • Conor O’Brien bronze in 800m
U15 girls
  • Christine McCarthy gold in 100m and u15 relay
  • Gold 4 x 100m relay team: Christine McCarthy, Elinor Dennison, Alyce O’Connor, Katie Palmer
U15 Boys
  • Jamie Harrington silver in 100m